Transform Your Home & Hire A Rug Doctor  

mighypro-left-400px Why Use a Rug Doctor?


Rug Doctor has the power to remove dirt and grime hiding in your carpets and upholstery. The results will leave your carpets looking like new!

Professional quality cleaning results.

Rug Doctor's innovative one-pass carpet clean gives you professional results everytime. 

In this pass, the Rug Doctor uses the following three -step process - Injection, Agitation & Extraction - to transform & revive old, tired looking carpets.

Hire Now

You can hire a Rug Doctor machine from us, all you need is 2 forms of I. D. and a £20 cash deposit.

Rug Doctor Cleaning Solutions

Rug Doctor's specially formulated carpet cleaning range is designed to transform your carpets and upholstery. From carpet detergents to specialist stain removal sprays, your carpets will look, smell and feel like new.

Carpet Detergents

Rug Doctor’s range of cleaning solutions are specially designed to work with Rug Doctor machines. Their professional range is sure to meet your cleaning needs, from general detergents to specially formulated stain removers which we keep in stock.

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